October – Residents Meeting Highlights

Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting – October 2015
October’s Residents’ Meeting was an informative one. We had the pleasure of meeting with Commissioner Hal Valeche. The Commissioner said that the Jessup Trail has been completed, but we are out of funding for improvements and would like to raise additional revenue. There are two options we can choose from: One, which the Commissioner prefers, is a bond issuance. The bond is cost specific, so the money goes where we want it, for example a North County Regional Park, bridges, signals and striping. The other option is to increase sales tax, but we will have to share 40% of the revenue with the city.
Steve Carrier, a county engineer shared plans of improvements to Sierra Square. The plans include a peanut island with an acceleration and merging lane. Improvements are to start as soon as two months to six months. The Pathway Project is planned to begin early next year and will be a six foot asphalt path along Jupiter Farms road with one crossing. The crossing will have two poles with flashing double yellow lights. Each pole will have two buttons, one at pedestrian height and one at equestrian height. The pathway will connect to the Hatcher property and should be completed next summer.
Palm Beach County Sherriff stated that vandalism is down, but there have been a few stolen vehicles dropped off out here. They asked residents to please keep an eye out for broken down cars and report them with a description and location to the Sherriff’s non-emergency number. (561) 688-3000
Mike Dillion, South Indian River Water Control District Operation Manager, explained how they are focusing on our district as a whole. Now that the district has finished external issues they are becoming more involved in managing the internal areas. One main focus is on the education of land owners. For example, a permit is required to add fill to your property and your driveway culvert is the land owner’s responsibility. Each land owner should regularly inspect their culvert for signs of erosion, rust built-up, sink holes or depressions. If you find any of these signs or have any questions please call SIRWCD at (561)747-0550.
Our next monthly meeting is on Tuesday, November 10 at seven p.m. Our guest speaker will be a representative from Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority (SWA). The meeting will be sponsored by Keith Sprague of Action Arbor Care, who has offered a gift certificate for our raffle.
Child care will be provided at the pavilion for children ages four and up. Our Jupiter Farms Residents’ meeting is the perfect place to hear the latest and discuss any cares or concerns. Hope to see you there next month! Please visit our website www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com for more information.
Upcoming Events:
Halloween in the Farms – Oct 31, 2015
Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting – Nov 10, 2015
Jupiter Farms Family Hoedown – Nov 14, 2015
Logo Contest Deadline – Dec 3, 2015
Christmas Tree Sales Begin – December 6, 2015
Christmas Parade – December 6, 2015

jfr update

This week around Jupiter Farms…

There are two major happenings this week…

The first, on Tuesday Oct. 13, there is a JFR Meeting at 7pm at the JF Park Pavilion. PB County Commissioner Hal Valeche will be our guest speaker. Among other issues, he will be discussing the remaining stretch of pedestrian/horse path on Jupiter Farms Rd. This month’s meeting is sponsored by Busy Blades; thanks to Chris Johnson. Remember, we offer free childcare for kids 4+. This month’s agenda can be found here: http://www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com/october-13-2015-jfr-m…/
The second major happening this week is the SIRWCD meeting on Thursday Oct. 15 at 7PM at JHS’s Media Room. We are still waiting to hear from the SIRWCD attorneys on whether they will be seating the new duly elected Board or if they will be entertaining the objections brought by Rice and Berman.

The JFR Board of Directors wrote an ‘amicus’ regarding these objections and sent it to SIRWCD’s attorneys and staff. It’s not to late to attach your name to the document as a “freind.” Follow the below link to find out how.

Both meetings are important, please, if you can do your best to attend.




The Jupiter Farms Resident Board of Directors has written an amicus curiae to be brought to the attention of the SIRWCD attorneys. Below, please find the document. It directly speaks to the objection letter recently filed regarding the SIRWCD Board of Supervisors election.

As JFR members at large, we all for all interested parties to read the letter and substantial materials attached.

If you agree with the letter, we ask that you email the SIRWCD attorneys and ask that your name be attached as an “amici.”

Mike DIllon: dillon@sirwcd.org
Terry Lewis: lewis@sirwcd.org
William Capko: capko@sirwcd.org