Citizen Observer Patrol (COP)

COP House Check Application
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The Citizen Observer Patrol (COP) is a volunteer unit of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. The program is comprised of over 80 individual COP units from neighborhoods much like your own.

  • Volunteers are provided distinctive uniforms and drive specially marked vehicles. We have SUVs, cars and a PU truck. All are maintained by PBSO and fuel is also provided.
  • Workers compensation insurance is also provided at no charge
  • Each vehicle has a handheld radio to connect to a special dispatcher

In order to apply for COP, you will need to go to Headquarters at the Vista Center – which is a few Turnpike Exits south of Jupiter Farms. Call 561-688-3980 and ask for Tara and make an appointment. They request a completed application before you arrive. They will tell you where it is online and they can even go over it with you on the phone.  After the application is finished call for an appointment. You will be interviewed and they will take your fingerprints and do a background check. Once you get accepted, you will have 2 sessions of classroom training at the Vista Center and in-vehicle training with a Field Training Officer (FTO). At that point, you are released to the unit and may get some unit-specific training.

COPs commit to 3 hours of patrol time per week. You normally pick a weekly day and time. You have your choice of cars and any open shift 24/7. There is one mandatory meeting at the Jupiter Farms Pavillion on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7 PM which usually takes less than an hour an includes more training as well as community updates by the PBSO Deputies.

COPs act as another set of eyes for the PBSO deputies. They do house checks for residents on vacation, as well as patrol all over the community. It’s been proven that COPs deter crime. COP is a great way to volunteer and give back to your community. If you would like to talk to a local COP about this please call or text Lt. Lou Calderone 631-626-7871.

Each year COP has a table at SIRWCD Landowner’s Day at their District Office on JF Road and 159th. There is great music and free Bar B Que.  There, COPs can explain more and one of our cars will be there for you to see. If you want COP to check your house when you are on vacation the application is on this website.

Please think about helping out your community directly, by volunteering to help keep Jupiter Farms safe.

If you are going away and would like to COP Patrol to perform house checks on your property:

1. Download the form and complete – be sure to sign where indicated

2. E-mail to Lt Lou Calderone several days before leaving.

3. BE SURE your house number is clearly marked on your gate or fence please; mailboxes are not always in front of one’s house and can be problematic for COP units and any first responders. Thank You!

COP House Check Application
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