February – Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting

Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting, February 2016

This month’s Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting had a theme of protecting your home and your computer. To begin the meeting we had Deputy Russell and Deputy Harper to report on the latest in crime. They informed us that there have been four residential burglaries in the last 30 days. They gave us tips on how to keep our neighborhood safer.

For example, if someone comes to your door trying to sell something, please report it to the non-emergency number (561) 688-3400. It is most likely a cover being used to see if anyone is at the home. Be sure to get a description of the person and the vehicle. If you can safely take a picture and/or retrieve the license plate then please do. If you see a car parked on a canal or berm please call it into the non-emergency number even if it is an expensive car because thieves will rent cars or steal cars to commit crimes in. Also, if you are going out of town, you can request a house check by the COP. You can find the application on our website www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com.

The guest speaker at our meeting was Jim Kovalsky from Honestware Computer Services. Jim gave a great presentation of how to protect our computer and ourselves. First, HAVE A BACKUP! Many people use an external hard drive, which is okay, but not the best option. The risks include the owner not backing up the computer, the drive breaking, a flood or fire, or a virus like the cryptolocker which will scramble all of the files and offer a ransom to retrieve them. The best option for backup is an online backup company. The online company will automatically backup your computer and if you have a fire they will have the files. Jim suggests iDrive or Carbonite.

Next, Jim taught us how to avoid a virus. If you haven’t had a problem with your computer, do not accept any updates. Viruses will often disguise themselves as an update, to convince you to let them install into your computer. ‘Flash Player’ is a very common mal-ware. You can tell that it is the fake if it has the space between Flash and Player. In your emails, remember that the FBI and IRS will never email you and any email that says you need to verify your account, delete the email and NEVER call their number or use their link.

Should you have any questions or would simply like to speed up your computer, please call Jim Kovalsky at (561) 972-8546 or visit www.honestware.com

Please join us at our next monthly meeting, Tuesday, March 8th at seven p.m. Our guest speakers will be Warren Chalkley and Matthew Claasen from the Palm Beach Chapter of the Rare Fruit Council. Gary Goode from Mosquito Control will also be present for some Q & A. Our Jupiter Farms Residents’ meeting is the perfect place to hear the latest and discuss any cares or concerns. Please visit our website www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com for more information.


Upcoming Events:

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Residents Meeting – March 8th, 2016

Spring Fling & Easter Egg Hunt – March 19, 2016

Volunteer Appreciation – May, 2016

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