January – Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting

Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting, January 2016

Each day we drive in and out of Jupiter Farms while passing acres of natural areas filled with wildlife. Our residents are fortunate to see the majestic birds flying overhead and animals scurrying across our roads. Our quiet country lifestyle is no doubt one of a kind. We are surrounded by trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding, and we are but a short drive from the beach. Jupiter Farms would not be the same as it is today, without the relentless help of some of our residents. At our January residents meeting, Susan Kennedy, an environmental and land use lawyer and co-founder of JFEC and NETA, gave us a history of the battles we have overcome to keep Jupiter Farms the way it is.

Jupiter Farms Environmental Council (JFEC) was created in 1999 to help fight multiple developments that were proposed at the same time. These developments included an 80 acre mega complex, known as Speedworld, a Walgreen’s distribution center, an electrical plant, a school for troubled kids and golf course, and two Developments of Regional Impact on Indiantown Road. They even went to court over the proposal to put Scripps Research Institute next to the Corbett Wildlife Area. Because of these battles and thanks to the creative mind of Susan Kennedy and many dedicated volunteers, we were able to have the majority of our surrounding lands purchased and saved from development.

With more than 165, 000 acres of land owned and managed by different entities, accessibility became the next challenge. So, in 2005, Northeast Everglades Trail Association (NETA) was created to find a way to access government property and do it responsibly. NETA works on educating society, getting people on the trails and getting the trails connected.

If you want to fully experience the place you live, join NETA and your neighbors for a 3 day, 67 mile, outdoor extravaganza on February 19, 20 & 21. Open to hikers, bikers, paddlers and horseback riders. To find out more visit www.evergladestrails.org

Please join us at our next monthly meeting, Tuesday, February 9th at seven p.m. Our guest speaker will be Jim Kovalski and he will be discussing computer security and avoiding online scams.

Our Jupiter Farms Residents’ meeting is the perfect place to hear the latest and discuss any cares or concerns. Please visit our website www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com for more information.


Upcoming Events:

Mix & Mingle for Local Businesses– February 27, 2016

Outdoor Movie Night – March 5, 2016

Spring Fling & Easter Egg Hunt – March 19, 2016

Volunteer Appreciation – May, 2016

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