jfr update

This week around Jupiter Farms…

There are two major happenings this week…

The first, on Tuesday Oct. 13, there is a JFR Meeting at 7pm at the JF Park Pavilion. PB County Commissioner Hal Valeche will be our guest speaker. Among other issues, he will be discussing the remaining stretch of pedestrian/horse path on Jupiter Farms Rd. This month’s meeting is sponsored by Busy Blades; thanks to Chris Johnson. Remember, we offer free childcare for kids 4+. This month’s agenda can be found here: http://www.jupiterfarmsresidents.com/october-13-2015-jfr-m…/
The second major happening this week is the SIRWCD meeting on Thursday Oct. 15 at 7PM at JHS’s Media Room. We are still waiting to hear from the SIRWCD attorneys on whether they will be seating the new duly elected Board or if they will be entertaining the objections brought by Rice and Berman.

The JFR Board of Directors wrote an ‘amicus’ regarding these objections and sent it to SIRWCD’s attorneys and staff. It’s not to late to attach your name to the document as a “freind.” Follow the below link to find out how.

Both meetings are important, please, if you can do your best to attend.


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