November – Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting

Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting – November 2015

Did you know that our state averages about eight pounds of waste per person per day? Even worst, Palm Beach County averages ten pounds of waste per person per day. With 1.3 million people in our county, that is a ton of garbage. By simply recycling, we can cut these numbers in half.

In Honor of National Recycling Week, November 9 through 15, we had Angelique Giruad from the Solid Waste Authority as the guest speaker for our November resident’s meeting. Ms. Giruad gave a fun and educational presentation to our residents. She taught us the “do’s” and “don’ts” about recycling and showed off our county’s waste to energy plant.

When recycling, it is important to do it right. In the yellow bin place your ‘DRY’ items, such as cardboard, dry food boxes, papers and unwanted mail. In the blue bin place your ‘WET’ items, such as drink cartons, glass, plastic containers (#1-#7) and aluminum or steel cans. These ‘wet’ items should be rinsed clean. SWA does not recycle styrofoam or plastic bags, so please return them to publix who will recycle them for you. (See below for diagram)

There is a convienent hazardous waste drop off in Jupiter at 14185 Military Trail (SWA Road) where you can drop off your compiled batteries, bulbs, pestisides, electronics and paint. This will ensure proper disposal of these hazardous items.

Recycling helps to generate income for our county, reduces the amount of waste and helps the less fortunate. For example, large quantities of recyclable material is sold to other companies, the energy created from our waste to energy plant is sold to FPL and recycled paint is made into twelve different colors and donated to Veterans and other persons who qualify. So, please do your part to help ensure a cleaner, healthier and happier future for our families. For more information go to or download the Recyclopedia at

At our October meeting, residents asked about having recycling bins at our Jupiter Farms Park. In response, the county sent Kara Cowser, Volunteer Coordinator, to speak to our residents at our November meeting. She told us that there are 82 parks in Palm Beach county and only eleven of them have been adopted. Our county is in need of volunteers willing to adopt our parks. When a park is adopted, a sign will be posted reconizing your group, Parks and Recreation will provide cleanup supplies, and your group will be allowed access to one nearby pavillion each month for a scheduled cleanup.

To adopt a park, you must fill out a permit and pay an initial fee of $100. If your group completes five to eight successful, documented cleanups the renewal fee is dropped to $50 or with nine or more cleanups the renewal fee will be FREE.   If you are interested, please contact Kara Cowser (561) 966-6609 or To find out more, please visit

Steve Hinkle from SIRWCD, said there has been an overwhelming response to last month’s discussion of proper swale maintanence. In fact, they is currently a one month back-up for swale cleaning. Thank you for helping maintain your swales. This ensures proper drainage for our entire community.

We would also like to thank Keith Sprague from Action Arbor Care for generously donating a $100 gift certificate for our monthly raffle. One of our lucky residents will be receiving some free tree trimmming.

Please join us at our next monthly meeting, Tuesday, December 8 at seven p.m. Our guest speaker will be a local historian, Graham Huls.

Our Jupiter Farms Residents’ meeting is the perfect place to hear the latest and discuss any cares or concerns. Please visit our website for more information.


Upcoming Events:

Christmas Tree Sales Begin – December 5, 2015

Movie Night – January 23, 2016

Spring Fair – March 19, 2016

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